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In the event of a flood, Call the Major is one of the most trustworthy businesses in Bentonville AR when your home plagued with flooding or other water damages. We know our NWA restoration company are on call 24/7, guaranteeing you help when an emergency occurs. When you find yourself suffering from the effects of water damage, it is best that you contact Call the Major before your issue turns into a larger problem. Water can take a major toll on the strength of your home or business. Water can penetrate the walls and floors of your home and increase saturation result in mildew and mold. The only way to locate the moisture before it becomes a larger issue is to have a professional come out to gauge the problem in person. Call the Major’s professionals have the proper equipment that can find the problem and eliminate it at its source.

Minimize The Amount of Water Damage

Assuming you’re able to locate the source of water damage on your own, then you’ll need a professional to discern the problem immediately. For the time being, there are some preventative measures to help slow the deterioration being caused by the flooding.

  • Pinpoint the cause of the leak and attempt to stop whatever is causing the issue.
  • Disable all electrical equipment in the vicinity of the leaking spot.
  • Remove all carpet and furniture from the designated area.
  • Do not use heaters or fans to dry the leaking spot. This may result in spreading out the contamination if there is mold.

Leaks and How They Can Happen

There are a number of elements that can result in water damage to any structure. It could possibly be a failing roof that is allowing rainwater to pass through the cracks. It might also be a broken pipe, so you’ll want to shut off the water in the structure if it is feasible . These leaks generally occur when you least expect it, so it is imperative that you contact Call the Major as soon as you find yourself in this predicament.

Water Removal Process

Call the Major can provide you with the experts and equipment you need to help extract water from your home or business. From mold remediation to flood removal, Call the Major can handle any sort of water damage that you might be facing. If you live anywhere near Bentonville, call (479) 372-0792 or send us a message at


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